Monday, March 17, 2014


I want to Especially thank Johnny K and Johnnys Saloon for the years of friendship and motivation for me to keep a show like this local to the Hemet Valley. This guy and his crew work there asses off for so many people and fundraisers in their community, it amazes me.  Follow what he and they are doing at Johnnys  Saloon!!!  I want to personally thank Pabst Blue Ribbon for being apart of the show the last couple years, it means a lot when people keep coming back year after year to support and sponsor a show like this.  And for this year with a big thanks to Johnny K, we have Coldcock Whiskey and Sailor Jerry Rum as Sponsors for the VIP area.  I do this VIP area to give back to my sponsors, and help, and is a good place for the Bands to hangout before and after they play.  I seriously only have a handful of these tickets for the public for sale because of the room we have, if this sounds like something you need to be a part of go to the website and purchase a VIP ticket,
Thanks, and don't forget to check all these good folks out!!!

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