Saturday, August 2, 2014

Been awhile!!!

Forgot how to log into this blog but here is whats been going on with all things Hippy Killer.  New Product up on the site, the HK/Filtrate sunglasses /riding glasses have released, and here is a progress pic of the 1960 Harley Servi car I am building for my lovely wife!  Find the new stuff on the site and the Glasses at Filtrate eyewear and their retailers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Another great show in Europe coming up quick is the Flanders Chopper Bash A Lot of cool people involved in this and glad to have a little part in it, Angelo Sinner Supply is a cool, bad mofo check out his website site and go to the show!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Germany here we come!

Big thanks to Intake Mike for his support and friendship!

Well not much of a tour but Jamie and I will be at these two amazing shows in beautiful Europe coming up. Kustom Kuture Forever in Germany and the 38 SPCL Open House in Switzerland!
I will have all the new collection at both these show along with two people that influenced it and are feature on a poster and a T, My Parents Jim “Bones” and Helga Noteboom. Feel free to come by the booth my Mom is full German and would love to talk crap about me, and I wont be able to understand!

23.05-24.05.2014 - Kustom Kulture Forever... formerly known as Bottrop Kustom Kulture... go and check out


Friday, April 18, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Thank you!

We would like to thank our sponsors and vendors, the bands, and everyone who attended The Hoedown. The weather was perfect and the crowd was awesome! Big thanks to everyone that rode out and filled the field with insane machines. the lot remained jammed packed till the end of the show. We couldn't of asked for a better outcome.

Big thanks to Dice Magazine for hosting the pre party and the Bum Steer for their hospitality.

Our friends at Bison Motorsports sent in a few photos for us to share.


The Hoedown is made possible by the support of these fine folks:
Us Versus Them
Tres Noir
The Shakedown Bar
The Factory Metal Works
Sunrise Cycles
Spitfire Motorcycles
Speed Merchant
Speed Dealer Customs
Spectro Oils
Speakeasy Original
Shiny Side Marketing
Salinas Boys
Sailor Jerry
Rolling Heavy Magazine
Pack Ratt
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Old Gold Garage
Noise Cycles
Lucky 13
Lowbrow Customs
Loser Machine
Licks Cycles
Johnny's Bar
Joe King Helmets
Hotrod Havoc
El Diablo Moto Shop
Dice Magazine
DB Custom Leather
Cycle Zombies
Church of Choppers
Chop Cult
Burly Brand
Bison Motorsports
Biltwell Inc.
Anti Gravity Batteries

Bastard Sons Clothing
Bighead Motor Works
Coalition Garage
Cro Customs
Grumps Garage
Gypsy Rebel
Hard Road Designs
Jackalope Trade Shop
Jimenez Bros Customs
Mazooma Mike
Outlaw Machine Company.
Pistol Magazine
Pole Position Raceway Corona
Primos Helmet Design
Show Class Magazine
Sweatshop Industries
Swithcblade Stiletto
TJ Brutal Customs
The Gentlemens Parlor Barbershop
Throttle Addiction
Winter Leather Company

All the brands are linked on the side panel of our blog. Please continue to support them over the year.
See you next year!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

HKH6 Sponsors!!!

We want to thank Spectro Oil, Antigravity Batteries and Burly Brand for being a Sponsor of the Hoedown again this year 3 great companies making great products, give them a follow and look for them and giveaways at the show!!! Spectro oil,  AntigravityBatteries, Burly Brand

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

HKH6 Sponsors!!!!

Thankful that I met these two around 8 yrs ago, and became friends.  They are two hard working people that have always lent a helping hand.  And more importantly are Sponsors of the 6th annual HK Hoedown coming up this Saturday.  Lisa and Duane Ballard have been a part of the show since the first one in my Backyard six years ago, and glad they have stuck it out with me.  Check Duane's work out online and at the show, and Lisa's the editor at Chopcult, runs her own company Shiny Side Marketing, and running a lot of the behind the scenes for the Hoedown. Be courteous and say hello to her as she will be running the ride/ drive in gate again this year, thanks guys!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HKH6 Sponsors!!!

We want to thank these three cool ass mofos for being a part of the show every year and being a part of our judges for the show.  Salinas Boys ( Cole Foster) Noise cycles ( Scott Tbone Jones) and Sunrise cycles ( Kosuke)  check there websites out and check em out at the show!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

HKH6 Sponsors!!!!

We are happy to have Speakeasy Original's support again this year. We must say we are super impressed with the craftsmanship and clean look of all their pieces.  Speakeasy Original is a small garage bases company specializing in solid silver pieces from club rings, wedding band, heirloom and custom pieces. Everything is designed, prototyped, molded and cast right here in the USA.  They have a full line of designs for guys and gals, or if you need a custom piece they do that too.  You can check them out at and join their Instagram to see what's going on in the shop.  And don't forget to check them at the show and follow them on Facebook!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free Dry Camping Information

Most of you heard by now that the Wild West Arena's saloon burnt to the ground last month. Kutty has been working with Patti, the property owner and the property is finally cleared for our enjoyment. There are a few small changes that we need to address. 

Free dry camping will be available on the adjoining property only. Due to the bar insurance the Wild West Arena's gates will be locked at dusk and reopen Saturday for our enjoyment. This rule will also be in effect if you are camping Saturday night. Kutty and Justin will have the designated area marked off. If you're camping, please respect to the land and the surrounding neighbors as you'll be staying on private property. The gate for camping will remain open at all times.

Patty and her team will have a few beer and hard liquors labels to choose from. There is not a ATM on the property so please plan accordingly. The Bum Steer is a 1.4 away from the Arena and there is a Sober Ride available to and from. please call 951- 816 -7949.  Directions to the Steer from the Arena,

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pre Party, Show and After Party Information

Pre Party at the Bum Steer 
Sober rides are available from the Arena to the Bum Steer call 951-816-7949
No cover
Large Mouth Bastards
Whiskey Dick Rebellion
Loneley Stars
Be nice and tip your server and support the bands.

Vendor set up is between 7 am and 9:30 am.

Custom Car and Bike parking begins at 9 am. Please pull into the Bike and Car Show gate. Our parking attendants will show you where to park. This area is first come, first served. When we fill to capacity you will be directed to park in the adjoining field. It's ten dollars per person. So if you want to be part of the show get there early.

Main Gates open at 10 am.

Regular car parking please park in the adjoining field and pay at the side gate.

10 am- Main Gates Open

12 - Mini Bike Races

1- Heathen Apostles

2- Dime Runner

3- Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies

4- Awards
Please note if you have a sticker placed on your headlight by 3 pm you have won a award. Stick around and claim your prize.

5- Devils Brigade

6- Old Man Markley

Main gates close at dark and we all move to the Bum Steer for the After party. Directions from the Arena to the Steer,

 33040 Simpson Rd, Winchester, CA 92596
Sober rides available from the Arena to the Bum Steer call 951-816-7949
No cover
Dime Runner
Sandbox Bullies
Chux Myth
Please tip your server and support the bands.

See you on Saturday!