Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Germany here we come!

Big thanks to Intake Mike for his support and friendship!

Well not much of a tour but Jamie and I will be at these two amazing shows in beautiful Europe coming up. Kustom Kuture Forever in Germany and the 38 SPCL Open House in Switzerland!

I will have all the new collection at both these show along with two people that influenced it and are feature on a poster and a T, My Parents Jim “Bones” and Helga Noteboom. Feel free to come by the booth my Mom is full German and would love to talk crap about me, and I wont be able to understand!

23.05-24.05.2014 - Kustom Kulture Forever... formerly known as Bottrop Kustom Kulture... go and check out www.kustom-kulture-forever.com


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