Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free Dry Camping Information

Most of you heard by now that the Wild West Arena's saloon burnt to the ground last month. Kutty has been working with Patti, the property owner and the property is finally cleared for our enjoyment. There are a few small changes that we need to address. 

Free dry camping will be available on the adjoining property only. Due to the bar insurance the Wild West Arena's gates will be locked at dusk and reopen Saturday for our enjoyment. This rule will also be in effect if you are camping Saturday night. Kutty and Justin will have the designated area marked off. If you're camping, please respect to the land and the surrounding neighbors as you'll be staying on private property. The gate for camping will remain open at all times.

Patty and her team will have a few beer and hard liquors labels to choose from. There is not a ATM on the property so please plan accordingly. The Bum Steer is a 1.4 away from the Arena and there is a Sober Ride available to and from. please call 951- 816 -7949.  Directions to the Steer from the Arena,

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