Monday, March 10, 2014

HKH 6 Day Schedule!

Show will start at 10am, if you are driving a Custom Car , Hot Rod, Custom Van, or a Chopper and you want to make sure you get inside be there early.

Mini bike races will start roughly at Noon.

Then at 1pm
First band that I am stoked to add to our list this year is the
Heathen Apostles seriously check them out a lot of great people from great bands have put something together that I am glad you will get to check out.  Heathen Apostles Facebook

Next up at 2pm
DimeRunner a Long beach punk band that will rock your socks off!!!  Check them Out, follow them on the interweb, they have been playing a lot of shows and are ready for you, Winchester!

At 3pm
Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies Yes he's coming back, he's on the road as we speak and if he is coming through your town you best go check him out. And if you see him on the side of the road give him a hand this guy plays kick ass music and we are glad to have him back!

4pm The HKH6 Show Awards

Devils Brigade  Again I can't emphasize this enough, take one of the baddest bass players around,  Matt Freeman (Rancid) and a drummer of one of the greatest bands of all time, Dj Bonebrake ( X )  and a killer guitar player from some great CA punk bands, Rob Milucky ( The Grabbers, DP Gunfight) and get them together when their other bands aren't touring and you get a 3 piece playing some damn great music you don't want to miss!

6pm to close
Old Man Markley and be sure to stick around for this band, and follow them here OMM Facebook They are the kings and queens of the punk bluegrass movement and not only a talented as hell group, but entertaining as hell!!! Seeing them live is a must folks!

I am hoping all of you will enjoy all these bands as much as I do and we will see you on April 12th for the 6th Annual Hippy Killer Hoedown.

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