Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HKH5 Thanks Y'all!

I have had time now to soak it in and get back to work on stuff in the shop, and back to all the HK business stuff.  I am stoked on a great turn out!  This show would'nt happen without a bunch of peoples help I want to personally thank.  My wife Jamie Noteboom, and son Kyler Noteboom, Lisa Ballard, my  Parents, Justin Brown, the girls from Reno, Mona, Cathy and Renie, The Buckley's, the Frye's, the Trulins, Autry Crewl, Billy Crewl, the Ketchum's, the Foster's, Steve Ross, Marty, Derik Coon, and many other friends that Help every year.
Thanks to the Artists that Painted the helmet trophies that Keith Dean made,
Casey Headcase Johnson, Billy Crewl, Packman, Kenny Rogers, mikey Ratt, Doug Dorr and Lucky 13.
     Also wouldnt happen without the help of all our sponsors that keep coming out and supporting our little show in the Desert.  Thanks, Loser Machine, Dice Magazine, Us Versus Them, Lucky 13, Biltwell, Chopcult, Lowbrow Customs, The Factory Metalworks, Speakeasy Originals, Pabst, Licks Cycles, Circa Shoes, Mooneyes, Burly Brand, Bison Motorsports, Born Free 5, Old Gold Garage, Salinas Boys, Spitfire Motorcycles, Speed Merchant, 24 Cycles, Wompy, Shiny Side Marketing, Duane Ballard Custom Leather, Noise Cycles, Sunrise Cycles, Church of Choppers, Johnny's Saloon, Joe King Speedshop, Pack Ratt, Standard Cycles, Fred Frames, Von Franco, and Max Grundy and the WIld West Arena.
Thanks to the Bands for putting on a great show, Red Devil Squadron, Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies, Jonny Two Bags and Salvation Town, Supersuckers, and all of their Management.  And also a Big thanks to all the Vendors, and spectators that rode in, walked in, and drove in to the show this year.  I did'nt highlight everyone, just tried to get those that were'nt mentioned before the show, check out all these people out through our links on the sidebar.....
Till next year,

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STANDARD said...

Hope all your fans liked the buttons
i had done for them!
Always a blast...
thanks for the great times!