Wednesday, April 3, 2013

HKH5 Schedule, Lineup and Mini Bike info!!!!!

      Okay we are a little over a week away and people are getting antsy with questions regarding the mini bike races and Lineup.  Mini bike races will be from 12ish or 1 to 2pm.  There will be a waiver for everyone to sign, if you are under 18 a parent will have to sign with you.  We are going to brake it up into a couple of classes and heats depending on the number of people and age groups.  All mini bikes must be pull start only and nothing over 5hp.   The track will be set up in the back corner of the Rodeo arena and Mikey Ratt will have a booth set up so you can either work your way back there or check with him or I.  After the races the bikes will be parked to the right of the stage in the arena for judging of best Mini bike.  Check this little video of my friend Netos nephews mini.
Now for the Linup of bands.  This is still a little loose, but right now we are looking at:

                                                    10am   Show Opens
                                                    12pm  Mini Bike Races
                                                      2pm  Red Devil Squadron
                                                      3pm  Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies
                                                      4pm Awards
                                                      5pm  Jonny Two Bags and Salvation Town
                                                      6pm  The Supersuckers

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