Monday, February 11, 2013

Please Read!

    Alright so here we are 2 months till the show.  We first off want to thank everyone involved in making this happen every year, the Sponsors, the Vendors, the Bands, all our friends and family that help.  Not forgetting all the spectators that come out every year, Local and from all over the World. 
      With the growth in the popularity of the show and wanting the safest best environment for an all ages crowd we, the local law enforcement, and event site owner have gone back and forth on this, and this year there will be a (( no Patch or no Colors )) or anything related policy. We respect everyone's rights as we hope you respect ours.  
      This show was started with the idea of bringing Custom cars, Hot Rods and Vintage and Custom motorcycles together with Live Music and the people that love it in a back yard party atmosphere.  So far I feel we have accomplished it every year.  With all that said We look forward to seeing everyone and having a great time. 
HK Family! 


47str8leg said...

That's lame. I'm no patch-holder but when you cut them out of the picture you're cutting out the historical backbone of motorcycle customiing. It's insulting and it diminishes the seriousness of your show.


Hippy Killer said...

I have to do what I have to do so the show can happen, Give me a break, you try to put on a show in Southern California. If you have been to the show you know that it has been a free for all in the years past. I am not the only show that has to do this, and not happy I have too, but I also don't like having to deal with law enforcement because of someone elses ideals. If you are a patch holder you know that this sometimes comes with the territory, If you are not then dont act like you know.

WooleyBugger said...

I can see where your coming from and it is a tough decision to have to make. I know from dabbling in concert promotion that security issues can greatly increase the event insurance to the extent that it is so high you would have to cancel an event. There are Patch holders from all walks of life and all sorts of clubs and not all are 1% clubs. So this includes all Patch holders and not just 1% clubs and if you allow one you have to allow the other or face a lawsuit. It's very sticky so it's best to just respect the promotors and avoid the hassle and have a good time.