Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: MOTORHOUSEUSA


MOTORHOUSEUSA is a small company that provides unique items for the custom car and motorcycle Kulture. In addition to our own clothing line we represent companies such as Classic Hardware, Lux DeVille, Crown Deluxe and a few other small manufacturers based in the USA. As we find new products that we think are cool, we will add them as we go. At this time we sell at select car and bike events as well as on line. (new site under construction and due out March 5th). We plan to open our first brick and motar store xmas 2012 here in Tempe Arizona.Our store will have a one seater tattoo parlor, on site pin striper and we will be continuing to build traditional bikes and Hot Rods in the back. No customer builds, just stuff we want to build and if someone wants to buy it that is cool with us. When we open our store we plan to make it a destination and will have continuous events catering to people like us. Hot Rod and bike shows, charity events for military and animals. That is our gig. Motorhouse is in its infancy but it is growing fast and getting better every day.

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