Monday, January 30, 2012

Us Versus Them

We are stoked to have US VERSUS THEM as a new sponsor for the show!

"When we create designs for our clothing, we try to make sure even the simplest idea has a depth and meaning behind it.  Tee shirts are one of the most effective platforms to convey an idea.  We like creating graphics and designs that not only look good but convey some sort of attitude or message."

The main strength of Us Versus Them lies in the fact that the brand's message of individuality and empowerment speaks across all youth subcultures.  Coming from three distinct but interconnected backgrounds, co-owners James Banuelos, Mike Glory and Graham Nystrom spent their formative years existing in and contributing to these various realms.  It shows when you look at the cultural luminaries from all corners that are fans and supporters of UVT.  From the skate, cycling and surf scenes to the political, graffiti, street, music and art worlds to the resurgent motor culture, the name resonates with a carried respect and authenticity.

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