Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A moment of your time please


We would like to take a minute to remind you that there are No Coolers allowed on the property. Patty, the owner of the Wild West Arena, has great prices in the bar for you to enjoy without going broke.

As we have promoted this event as a FAMILY event including cars, motorcycles, vendors, and bands, we would like ask that there are No Colors worn on the property. We welcome you to take part in the event , bring your kids and have a great time.

Please remember that you can camp under the stars for free as we want ALL of you to get home safe and sound. You will be camping on private property, so please be kind to the land. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

The weather is looking good, no rain in sight. See you in a couple of days!


David said...

I'm not a patch holder, but I can't support a "No Colors" event. What kind of bike event discriminates against bikers?

Hippy Killer said...

The deal is it is a custom car and chopper bike show not a biker event, if you want that go to laughlin. I am already getting slack from the authorities and a lot of good people have time invested in this and dont want it ruined because the police.

trent reker said...

hope you have a great and safe time, kutty. will look forward to photos and replays all over the web when it's done.


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