Thursday, October 7, 2010

A quick facelift

I just completed a small overhaul on Kelly D. Williams 59 HD. I used the Biltwell Tracker handlebars and the new Biltwell "Slimline"solo seat that is still in production. You should be able to order this sweet little gem by Christmas. Bill and McGoo are doing a lot for the motorcycle scene and I appreciate their support!  It is amazing what you can pull off in a little amount of time.
Kelly is a very cool guy, and talented artist.Take a minute and check him at


Ben knee said...

small overhaul?!?! that's more like a spiritual transformation. Looks good, kutty (like all your bikes that I am envious of)

Harold McGruther said...

Thanks for the support, and for the kind words, Kutty. The bike looks awesome!