Thursday, April 15, 2010

Attention Custom Car and Bike owners………….

IMG_1900_thumb The Custom cars and bikes will be going thru the LEFT side of the main gate, you will be paying the 10 entrance fee and if there are any passengers they will be doing the same. The Lords of Riverside Car Club will be helping us park your cars. We will have some of our guys help the bikes parking. There is no advance registration needed but hopefully one day the Hoedown will become that big that you have to, we all can dream. We have a total of six car and six motorcycle awards to be handed out, they are all Best of Show but all one off awards that we know you will be stoked to get. All winners must be present to win. We will have the award ceremony at 5pm and have invited a lot of our media friends to join us. Get ready to be famous and thanks for coming out!

IMG_1899_thumb For anyone that is coming in cars, there is a field adjacent to the Arena that you will be parking in. Please pull forward and park in rows as we need to fill it to the maximum capacity. We will have guys helping in that field, please follow their direction. They will create the needed space for the traffic to flow. Keep your speeds down as there will be a lot of movement in that field. We need everyone's cooperation so we can get you off the road as quickly as possible but in an orderly fashion. IMG_1901_thumb

You will be entering thru this side gate. It is $10 per person.

We all know the Noteboom’s , heck most of Kutty and Jamie's friends and family are working together on Saturday to make this event possible. Please don’t expect to get into this event for free because you know someone. There has been numerous fees paid out and massive amount of hours to get it to this point.

See you Saturday!~ Lisa

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sbc said...

hey hippy killers... you are all invited to the hell on wheels gypsy run, rally & race on june 5th... goto for more info... anyone can enter the races... pin-up pageant... bands... car and bike show...