Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We have been asked about Hotels and Camping near the Hoedown

We just put up a map of the location and the surrounding hotels. If you know anything about Hemet, there are a lot of cheap hotels to crash at. We have been told that there is a grassy lot that we will be parking cars on during the day ,that will be available for free camping. I am requesting that if you are going to set up camp, you must realize that you will be on private property and we ask you to respect the land. NO BURNOUTS are allowed, NO Dumbass tricks, ect. There are families and horses that live there and you must respect them as well. If you know in your heart that this might be a challenge for you, please hook up with somebody and crash at a local motel. We would like you if you could wait to set up your tents till about 5 or 6 as there will be cars coming in and out of the lot, we are concerned for your safety as well. If we see a opportunity for a clear location, we will announce it over the PA system.

My family has to carry insurance for the day and we should not have to pay for someone's crazy actions. We want you all to have a great time but we are also working hard to keep the Wild West Arena our home for future events.Thanks!

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Los D said...

There is also a state park campground about a 30 minute ride up the mountain in Idyllwild that is really nice. And, camping at Lake Hemet, though I have never been to that one.