Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Here is the final band line up.  Headlining this year is Joe Wood and the Lonely boys playing some great blues, and I was told a little TSOL from the Change Today Album.  We also have The Generators from the city of angels, if you havent heard these guys yet check them out I have been listening to them alot lately.  Most of the guys were in Schleprock if you remember them.  ALso again the Lonesome Ones will be rocking your socks off, and from the great city of Bakersfield we have 800lb Gorilla.  Starting the day we have Whiskey Dick Rebellion and a band everyone was talking about last year Soul City Pushers.  And last but shirley not least Chux Myth will be playing all day at the hoedown either on stage or in the bar.

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