Monday, April 5, 2010

Eternal Combustion is heading to the Hoedown

ECsticker What do a bunch of loser, ex-wannabe porn star, derelicts, and dirt bags do when the world looks grim and says "you'll never amount to anything"?
Well, most go to the welfare line to collect Government Cheese, but not us. Nope. We go out and make plans for world domination! Witness the illegitimate love-child of Duane Ballard, Jason Craze, and Mike Deutsch - EternalCombustion.Where else can you go to get all the leather whips, gimp masks, and ball gags you need? How about polished aluminum butt plugs? Oh yeah, we got those too! And if that's a little too risque for ya, we also happen to have some of the bitchinest leather seats for your scoot, belts for your ass, wallets for your cash, bags for your stash and keychains for your, well... keys. Not enough? How about being the only source for the TT&Co. Troop helmets and cycle parts in North America? Still not good enough? Damn people, what's a drop-out gotta do to impress around here? Well, we also got clothing and hats and sticky crap to paste on every cop car within sprinting distance, and even bigger plans for the future. Check us out and bring us a pizza. The store's at and the blog antics are over at

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skeleton chop shop said...

im definatly going to buy some leather products and mabey a butt plug! sweet!